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I wanted my small front garden on Borden Street to look as much as an English garden as possible. Garden Exuberance’s promotional materials were original and fun. Here is an imagination, I thought to myself. A short time later my plot of land had turned magical, full of the most interesting flowers, bushes and trees that I had previously not known about. Eileen Kwan is not only creative and knowledgeable but she listens to what her clients want. And she is totally reliable. I can’t recommend Garden Exuberance highly enough.


From the start, we were very impressed with your listening and paying particular attention to our garden wish list. We met two other garden and landscape professionals but it is clear that you are a garden DESIGNER, not a GARDEN designer. Design is clearly your strength. I felt that you were really designing for the space, with plants instead of ink and paper. Other garden designers seem to be gardeners first, trying to “design” with their own likes and preferences and not ours. We were very satisfied with how quick and professional the garden installation proceeded. We are pleased with the plant material choices. We really love what you have done: it is classy, elegant (like you), shares our aesthetic and matches the house without screaming, “New garden installation”. Sometimes new gardens look very manicured and artificial. 

-Baruch and Elyse

We were AMAZED by the transformation of the garden! You did a beautiful job! Thanks so much Eileen.  You have such an incredible talent and you have made our gardens sing!!


We contacted Garden Exuberance on the recommendation of a friend who was very pleased with Eileen’s work. We’re so glad we did, because she completely transformed our backyard. After years of neglect, it was all patchy grass and dried out soil. Now, thanks to Garden Exuberance, we have a backyard oasis that works for us, our two little dogs, and all the bees and butterflies who visit every day.

We felt excited about Garden Exuberance immediately. Eileen was clearly knowledgeable and full of creative ideas. She also listened carefully and proved to be a flexible thinker. This made the back-and-forth of the design process pretty straightforward. Eileen’s original concept was an excellent take on all the bits and pieces of inspiration photos we sent her. And she easily made adjustments based on budget, aesthetic preferences, the needs of our dogs, or anything else we raised for consideration. Once the design was finalized, the installation went very smoothly.


Eileen and her team were clean and conscientious, respectful of our neighbours, and enjoyable to be around. Everything came in on budget and within the expected timeframe. For all of these reasons, we would definitely recommend Garden Exuberance to our family and friends.

Beyond her skills and expertise, what Eileen brings to the table is a deep respect for all the living beings she works with: her clients, their pets, local wildlife, and, of course, the plants and trees. This approach is contagious. By encouraging us to trust our instincts, Eileen made us feel confi- dent about taking over the work of caring for our own backyard. The whole experience helped us feel more connected to the green spaces in our neighbourhood and beyond.

-Sarah and Jennifer

I needed to create curb appeal for my property and Eileen’s design achieved that goal. I had considered other companies but chose Garden Exuberance for Eileen’s comprehensive design layout and plant material selection. Eileen is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She took a holistic approach to the design incorporating the house architecture and the street-scape. She gave an excellent presentation. The garden installation was swift and neat. 


The garden is doing great! In fact, the company that was hired to plant the rooftop gardens in the penthouse, was "blown away!" when they saw your garden design. They loved it! And are not going to touch it. A neighbour said that it is the most beautiful garden on the floor, really wonderful! 


Garden Exuberance delivered a thorough and creative garden design. Eileen made the effort to understand and interpret my personal taste and revealed the garden’s potential.The design process and the final plan exceeded my expectations. Every plant is interesting and well-considered and I see the space differently now. My personal taste is reflected by the sheer variety captured in the design.  I would happily recommend Eileen to friends, family and colleagues


Garden Exuberance and Eileen is delightful and a pleasure to work with. The garden installation was smooth and the entire team was courteous, professional and responsive. We are pleased to recommend you to our neighbours and friends.  Your work looks wonderful and met all our expectations in a timely manner.

-Idas and Steven

We thank you, the garden thanks you and I'm sure the neighbourhood thanks you!  We are really grateful and appreciate all of the care and passion that you have devoted to our little place – thank you! 

-Mary, Trevor, Morley and Joseph

Eileen at Garden Exuberance was very inspirational to work with. I loved the inspiration picture board and the energy she brought with it. The installation went perfectly smoothly. Our garden has exceeded expectations and we receive compliments constantly from people passing by and taking many pictures as well. I have recommended her to many. Eileen's approach is almost a life statement that we should see the beauty and elegance around us and try to appreciate and strive to achieve that as much as possible.


Working with Eileen is a total pleasure. She genuinely listens to you and understands your gardening needs. She is insightful, delightful-and full of fantastic ideas. 

-Tom & Rick

Our experience with Eileen of Garden Exuberance was very positive.  She met with us to discover our needs / wants and to explore our existing garden.  Her presentation was very impressive.The garden was installed while we were on vacation so it was a total surprise when we returned. It continues to thrive and change every month.  I am constantly taking photos and posting them on Facebook, much to my friends' delight! We constantly receive compliments on the garden out the front from strangers strolling by. It is a balm for us in the heart of a very busy City. I am most impressed by Eileen's follow-up and personal contact in the many months and years since the garden was first installed. She imparts a piece of her spirit in every garden she creates. We do not hesitate in recommending her services to you. 

-Julie Anne and Rob

Eileen manifests a unique and personal relationship with everything she employs- materials and plants. Every stone, flower and bush is carefully selected to balance with one another. She imbues her exuberance for nature and art in the garden space that she creates. As each year passes the creation expands and becomes more embracing. It seems to live all four seasons even when covered in snow. She created a master plan for my back garden, my HQ, where I can take refuge surrounded by and embraced by tendril, flower, leaf and branch. The garden installation was executed in a timely fashion and within budget.  It is my pleasure to recommend Eileen as garden designer EXTRA-ordinaire.


Words from our clients

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